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Anyone who knows us, knows that animal rescue has been close to our hearts for a while now. We were happy to have Liz with Eddiemarie Photography take some pictures at the parlor yesterday. We couldn't have pictures without our own rescue dog, Belle getting a pup cup. I absolutely love this face.

She came to us from Texas after being in a rescue down there for almost 5 months after being hit by a car. She was degloved from her front shoulders back, mangled her right hip, and lost some teeth.

This is what rescue does. They take deserving animals like Belle, get them fixed up, and find the perfect forever home for them. Animal rescue takes a lot of money and volunteers to make it work.

Belle was our first foster. We have loved her since the day we picked her up, and knew we were her forever home. Hero's Haven Animal Rescue is looking for more fosters to be able to help the many animals still waiting. If you are interested, please reach out.

If you would like to donate to help animals like Belle and our other fosters, Hero's Haven has Venmo, PayPal, and other ways to do that. You can check out the available animals for adoption on the website or Facebook page!





Our latest foster fail, and Belle's official 4 legged sister!

Check out the website by clicking below!

Heros Haven.jpg

Pebbles adopted into her forever home


Connor is now adopted into his forever home


Gordon (Now Gunner) adopted into his forever home


Kernel adopted into his forever home

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